Lead Generation Strategies That Work

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Core Of Every GREAT Lead Strategy

1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals helps you stay on track on lead generation. SMART goals act as a guide when creating the necessary steps in a lead generation strategy. A SMART goal can be something like, “Generate 30 new leads in the month of March.”

2. Define Your Lead

Leads are people interested in the goods or services you offer. There are different types of leads you can generate, including new leads, working leads (actively in conversation), nurturing lead (those interested in buying in the future), unqualified lead (dead lead), and qualified lead (sales lead). Define the lead you need to pursue. 

3. Planning 

After setting your goals, you need to have objectives that help you break the goals down into small manageable steps. With the objectives, you can lay out the steps to follow to achieve your main goal. 

4. Track KPIs

Key Performance Indicators help you track your performance. In lead generation, you can gauge how well you perform by looking at KPIs such as organic traffic, traffic-to-lead ratio, click-through-rate, bounce rate, cost per lead, and landing page conversion rates. 

5. Automate your lead gen & email marketing campaigns

You can use email autoresponders to streamline your lead generation and email marketing process. Using email follow up can help give more value, qualify leads, and enhance customer experience. For the best results create a mix of automated messages and live broadcast messages that communicate your offering. 

6. Filter out low-quality leads 

Unqualified leads are people who have no interest in the goods or services you have to offer. Using lead generation automation, you can filter out dead leads before they take so much of your time and resources. Dead leads do not fall in your target audience, they never answer your calls, and they have no budget. 

7. Avoiding the leaky bucket effect

The leaky bucket effect illustrates the relationship between new and old customers and the business. This analogy analyzes how water enters and leaves a bucket with holes. The water coming in represents new customers and the water leaving represents old customers. As you generate new leads, you need to entice the old ones to keep them coming back. 

8. Trust the strategy and systems

Whether generating new leads or maintaining the older ones, your strategy needs consistency. Lead generation is a process that needs follow-up to see it to completion.  Keep on keeping on!

9. Follow up with leads religiously

Your leads may be so much interested in your goods or services, but you are not the only one offering them. As such, you need to ensure you offer the best customer experience so that your leads do not leave you for the next available business.

10. Customer Reactivation

If you have dormant or disengaged customers, you can reach out to them and reactivate them. If some customers expressed interest in your business, but then they disappeared, you need to reach out to them. 

Website Lead Generation

11. Blogging 

Blogging is a great way of providing valuable information and strategies to the world. You need to create quality content that solves a problem, but you also need to create the content regularly. When you blog regularly, your business stays relevant on search results. 

12. Use prevalent email opt-in forms

Getting users to submit their email address is your top lead generation strategy for your website. With that in mind you need prevalent opt-in forms at the top of your website. It is placed at the top to ensure that visitors to the site can access it with ease and provide you with their contact details. Combine the form with interesting graphics and a clear call to action. 

13. Create Gated Content 

Gated content is any content that requires customers to log in to access the content. You need to create quality content that readers cannot resist and then only offer a small section of the content.  This content can be free or paid.

14. Newsletter

A newsletter is a way to stay in touch with your customers. You need to consider your audience, the topic, and the questions that you need to address. Your newsletter should be understandable. 

15. Lead Magnet

Do you have an offer that leads cannot resist? You need to create one and show it to the leads. Because leads are already interested in your business, an irresistible offer can be a great way to qualify leads and get opt-ins. 

16. Add live chat to your website 

Customer experience is key in attracting customers and keeping them. Your customers need to access support when they need it and a live chat feature is one way of doing that.

17. Keywords Research For More Desirable Content

Keywords are important, but you need to have the right ones. Again, the keywords should not affect the quality of the content you create. Use tools such as Google Keyword Research to find the right keywords. 

18. Copywriting to Improve Conversions 

A good headline will attract more readers and subscribers. By using better headlines for your blog post or articles will get more attention and eventually more leads. If the headline doesn’t make someone open your content, you need to re-write it. 

19. Make Effective Landing Pages 

A landing page is the page that opens when people open your website. In marketing, you can set a specific page as the landing page. The landing page speaks to a specific audience, giving them the specific information they need. 

20. A/B test on your key pages

A/B testing involves experimenting two pages on your site to see which performs the best. For instance, you can test which headline will generate more leads. You need to test your headlines and your CTAs. 

21. Mobile Optimized Site and Pages 

With so many people using mobile phones to access the internet, you need to optimize your site for mobile devices. Before your pages or website go live, you need to test them to see how they perform on mobile devices. 

22. Exit-Pops 

Before readers exit from your page, do you have something to offer them? You can have popups that tell them of the offers you have or request for contact details. These popups are important when the visitors are leaving in a hurry. 

23. Better SEO 

There are so many SEO strategies that you can implement to enhance the ranking of your site. However, employ only methods that enhance user experience. This way, your customers will love your site and the search engines will love the site too. 

24. Optimize Your Website’s Speed 

Your website should load in three seconds or less. If it is slower than that, your customers might leave for the next fast website. You can improve your site’s speed by using small-sized images and videos to make the sites lighter. 

25. Competitive Research

How does your business fair against the competition? What is your competition doing that you are not? Answering these questions will help you better your lead generation strategies. Research on industry leaders and businesses on the same level as you to get a clear picture of what the industry is doing. 

26. “Upsell” on your Popular Content 

If you have content that most people love, you need to market it more to new customers. You can do that through social media and sharing in other blogs. You can tell your content is popular by checking KPIs such as traffic and content engagement. 

27. Publish Original Research To Attract Links And Readers

You can conduct simple research on issues that affect your customers and publish the findings for your readers. Such research can help you attract more leads and help you establish authority in your niche.

28. Create infographics

Infographics help you break down large content into small scannable content. The content is also more engaging as users do not have to spend a lot of time reading the content. Customers engage more with infographics.

29. Build a Valuable Tool That’s Free To Use

There are so many tools that can enhance the user experience in your online business. For instance, an ecommerce website can create a simple price comparison tool to help customers see which product fits in their budget. Such a tool will make it easy for your customers while increasing your sales. 

30. Create “Ebook” as Giveaway

An eBook is a great gift to give to your customer. It is one of the freebies that can attract and retain customers in your site. To write an eBook, you need to research on issues that bother your target audience and create a solution in the form of an eBook. 

 31. Optimized Web Forms

An optimized web form offers you a simple way to collect data from your customers. When creating such a form, you need to have your target audience in mind. Create the form with only a few fields so that users will not find them a bother. Make the form as simple as easy so that customers only take a minute to fill the form. 

32. Create an Automated Webinar 

An automated webinar beats a live webinar in that you are able to polish your content and create high quality videos. Although it is less personal, the videos offer you more opportunities and allow you more market coverage. 

33. Create Case Studies

A case study is a perfect way to solve your customers’ problems and gain their trust. You will carry out a niche-specific case study and publish your results. From the results, your customers will see the proof and gain trust in you. Case studies are an ideal way to avoid spin-off content. 

34. Create In-Depth Guides 

Having passion in what you do helps you create useful guides to your customers. Creating guides helps customers understand your products or services better. If you sell digital products, you can create a guide to help customers learn to use them. This way, you will attract more customers and retain your old customers. 

35. Provide an Assessment 

Assessment helps you improve. It is a way to know what is working and what is not. You need to assess your strategies and see how they are fairing before you proceed to the next step. 

36. Surveys 

How do you know when or how to improve your products if you do not conduct surveys? A survey can help you improve customer experience, create better landing pages, and create better products. 

37. Update your Old Content for More Traffic 

Updating old content is almost as effective as creating new content. Better yet, updating content is easier than creating new content. If there are changes in the industry, and you need your customers to know, you can update the content to refresh your reader’s knowledge. 

38. UX and Tracking

User Experience and tracking is very important to your overall lead generation strategies. Services like Hotjar is a simple system that helps you assess how users interact with content in your website. The platform is an analytic tool that shows you what users are doing on your site. It doesn’t offer complex numbers, but present the data in a way you will understand. 

39. Content Syndication 

There are so many platforms where you can upload your content today from your website, your social media pages, and content boards. This way, you can reach out to as many people as possible. 

40. Create A Challenge

Do you want to engage your customers more? You can do it by creating a challenge. Challenges are more effective when they include a reward for the winners. Again, the challenge should help the customers learn more about your business. It should also be entertaining and educating. 

41. Create A Contest

A contest helps you create a community of loyal customers. The contest you create should be free, run for a short time, and have an offer. You also need to set the goal you need to achieve and the prizes you need to give. You can use the data collected from the contest for market research. The contest will also enhance user experience and increase your fan base. 

42. Create Online Course

An online course is a better way to engage your customers. Courses are great when you already have an audience, and you need to retain your loyal customers. The courses you create will be evergreen, and you only need to do a few updates to keep them fresh. 

43. Advertising 

You can choose free or paid advertising. Adverts help you reach new customers. Targeted ads are great as you can see where your advertising money goes. If you plan to start advertising, you need to set a budget. This will help you choose the best advertising platform. 

44. Write Better Ads!

If you plan to create ads, create ads that attract customers. Choose images, graphics, fonts, colors, and a call to action that attract new customers. You also need to choose the best size and type of ads for your campaigns. You also need to evaluate your ads to see which work and which do not. 

45. Retarget

Did you know that most people who come to your website for the first time leave without buying? You need to retarget to reach out to new customers, to promote your bestselling products, and to introduce new collections. It is also a great way to build brand awareness. 

46. Gmail Ads

Google collects so much data from its customers, and this helps them target their ads better. With so many people using Gmail as the primary official communication app, you can use Gmail ads to reach out to more people.

47. Direct Mail, But Be Creative! 

So many brands send emails that are never opened? However, you can use the direct mail strategy creatively to reach out to new customers. First off, create a title that readers cannot resist opening. You can also include an offer such as a free eBook.

48. PPC – Pay-Per-Click

PPC advertising is a great way to increase sales, promote your brand awareness, and generate leads. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and so many other platforms offer you a great way to reach out to new customers. You need to create impressive ads, create a good budget, and choose an ideal delivery method. 

49. Banner Advertising on Niche Sites 

Most of the websites you will visit have banners. This is because banners work and most customers will view or open them. You need to choose the best type and size of banners to make them appealing to customers. Your ads need to be impressive with attractive colors and fonts. 

50. Get Affiliates to Promote For You 

An affiliate markets your products or services and earns a commission whenever someone follows their link and buys something. The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that you only pay a commission when a customer buys a good or a service. 

51. Build Negative Keyword Lists in Google Ads 

Negative keywords allow you to exclude certain search terms to ensure that your ads appear only in the most relevant searches. This helps you avoid competitor brand terms, create ads for specific audience, and targeting specific search terms. 

52. Advertise on Bing and other Search Engines

Most of your customers are on Google, Bing, and other search engines. These search engines help you target specific keywords. When you advertise on search engines, you reach millions of customers at a go. Your ads need to be appealing to your target audience. 

Social Lead Generation

53. Optimize Your Social Profiles

Your social profile gives the first impression when people visit your social sites. Optimize it to meet the needs of your target audience. 

54. Post consistently on social media

Customer engagement is easy on social media sites. You can engage customers by creating more content and engaging customers in the comment section. 

55. Connect with buyers through Facebook groups

Besides sharing your content, you can use social media to find customers for your products or services. To reach customers on Facebook groups, set your goals, have a strategy, and establish useful metrics. 

56. Target high-value leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn helps you create a robust company profile. After creating a profile, you can create a group for your company and add interested people. From there, you can create a thought leadership program. 

57. Linkedin Stories / Articles

Stories and articles keep your LinkedIn followers engaged. You can also use the LinkedIn paid advertising to promote your articles. From there, track your stats and adjust your content accordingly. 

58. Chatbot Conversations

Chatbots help you enhance customer experience when you cannot come to answer customer messages. These bots help you provide 24/7 customer service and can help your business collect customer information. 

59. Pay to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Ads placed on social media networks reach a lot of people. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a lot of traffic that you can leverage to grow your business. Set a budget and your target audience and get started. 

60. Incentive-based referral system

Referral based scheme works when you have many loyal customers. These customers can help you reach out to new customers, and you give them a reward for it. Unlike other forms of advertising, this scheme means you will only pay for the customers you acquire.

61. YouTube 

You can advertise on YouTube, or you can create a YouTube channel to generate leads from there. If you are good at creating videos, whether tutorials, guides, or entertaining content, you can create a YouTube channel. If you want the easy way, use YouTube ads to attract new customers. 

62. Be A Podcast Guest

Are you an expert in your field? If so, you can use your skills to teach people a few things in a podcast. Appearing as a guest in a podcast allows you to teach people more about your business and your products. 

63. Start your own podcast 

Instead of being a guest in other people’s podcasts, you can create your own podcast and offer your expert advice to solve people’s problems. This way, you become an authority in your niche. 

64. Expert posting on medium and Quora 

Medium and Quora are two trustworthy platforms where people seek information. If your articles appear there, and people love them, you will instantly attract leads to your business.

65. Get featured on Forum Sponsorships 

When you sponsor forums and events, you increase your brand’s image, build prestige and credibility, and showcase your brand to people who never heard about it. This marketing method is still in its infancy, but it is growing fast.

66. Experiment with alternative social media platforms 

While Facebook is a popular ad platform, you need to use other media platforms based on your target audience. You can reach out to more customers by choosing sites such as LinkedIn, which was designed for professionals. 

67. Build your own online community 

You can create a community on social media, through forums, or on your blog among other platforms. Your community should comprise of leads and have activities that help you generate and convert leads. Such a community requires you to engage people and stay active. 

68. Influencer outreach

You can be an influencer or use an influencer in your industry to reach out to more customers. Businesses in the fashion industry, for instance, can reach out to models to market their products. 


69. Host an Event

Free events are ideal for new businesses. They help you teach more about your products while solving people’s problems. Paid events are ideal for established brands. 

70. Offer a Coupon or Discount

Discounts or coupons are a great way to entice leads to open your emails, reply to you, or give you their contact details. When used well, these two can help you reach out to more customers. 

71. Freemium Product or Free Trial

Free trials and free products are an easy exchange for leads contact details. For instance, you can create a simple eBook and offer it to anyone who enters their email address on your website. 

72. Join A Networking Group

Social media sites have a host of networking groups that can help you learn more from industry professionals and reach out to new customers. Learn new strategies and implement them to see how it goes. 

73. Customer Testimonials 

You can establish credibility by posting customer testimonials. So many people check user reviews before shopping online, and this can be your chance to attract new customers. 

74. HARO – Featured on News 

HARO is short for Help a Reporter Out. The platform is common with reporters who need an expert to quote on their work. You can be that expert in your field and appear in the news. This makes you an authority in your field and people trust you more. 

75. Attend Conferences and Large Events

Conferences and events are learning platforms much as they are brand awareness platforms. You will learn more from other experts in your field, network, and even get to say something to some people about your brand. 

76. Strategic Partnerships 

Do you have business partners? You can have a number in different industries who will help you grow your business. You can have partners with businesses that sell complementary products or services. For instance, a soda company can partner with a snacks company. 

77. Ask For Introductions 

If there are experts in the industry who have more followers than you, they can help you scale the levels. You can ask them to accommodate your guests posts or host you as an expert on their platforms. This way, their followers will know you and your brand. 

78. Write a Self-Published Book for Amazon 

Writing a book is not an easy task. It requires extensive research, and you will spend so many hours while at it. However, the book gives you credibility as an expert and puts your brand on the limelight. 

79. Lead Finding tools / services 

Lead generating tools allow you to capture leads without you having to code. These tools fall into different categories, including inbound, outbound, and on-page lead generation tools. 

80. Great offers 

Are you ever tempted to pick new products with offers in supermarkets? You are not alone if you ever picked such an item. Now use the same offer strategy to attract new customers. 

81. Text Advertising

Sharing ads through text messages can be a great way to reach out to your customers. However, you need to be creative and send texts that your customers will open. You can use the texts to communicate one on one with a customer or send texts to many customers at once. 

What’s Your Lead Generation Strategy?

At the core of all the strategies above is customer experience. When you create a good customer experience, you will generate more qualified leads. If someone is already interested in your business, and you make them feel special, they will likely come back. So, do everything to make your customer experience great, and you will generate more leads. 

We want to hear from you.

What lead generation strategies will you be using to grow your online business? Let us know in the comments below!